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“Carve or starve” says Pat McVay.

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I should tell you a bit about myself. I live not far from the sea’s edge. There are birds here, sea birds. A pair of eagles nest nearby and have been the unknowing models for the eagles I carve. I watch them fly, catch fish and sit on their limbs. They know nothing of me.

There are also fish and killer whales and owls that make their homes here or simply pass by the house I live in. The house I live in is made of wood from this island and I have carved the beams and doors and some of the furnishings to put my mark upon it.

I have not always lived here, but I have always been a carver. I cannot remember when I didn't carve although I did many other things for a living. I was a ranch hand in Montana, a logger in Idaho, a deep sea diver in Oregon and Saudi Arabia, and a dog-musher in Alaska, but always a carver. It’s what I do best. I hope my work gives you as much pleasure as it does me.


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